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Jimmy Carter on foreign affairs and election campaign

Jimmy Carter on foreign affairs and election campaign
News report; Press conference
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Live coverage of press conference by US President Jimmy Carter at the White House on the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; the continued hostage crisis in Iran, where American diplomats are being held in their embassy; Presidential election campaign- his policies and comments by Senator Edward Kennedy, rival Democratic candidate; energy policy; policy on Yugoslavia. At the end of the news conference Roger Gibbons rounds up the issues discussed.
Jimmy Carter; Roger Gibbons
USA; Iran; Elections; Politics; Foreign affairs; Embassies and consulates; Tehran; Afghanistan; USSR; Unemployment; International relations; Military affairs; UN; Socialism; Employment; Political parties; Energy resources; Defence; Economic sanctions; Edward Kennedy; Democratic Party; Olympic games; Energy conservation; Athletes; Diplomacy; Hostages; Foreign policy; Peacekeeping; Defence policy; Embassy buildings; Diplomats; Presidential candidates; Government spending; Employment policy; Chrysler; Election campaigns; Conscription; Energy policy; Yugoslavia; Employment creation; Budgetary control; East West relations; Employment programmes

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