Community Service Volunteers

Community Service Volunteers
Interview; Documentary; Music; Jingle
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2 Jun 1980
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Jennifer Jeremy investigates the work of Community Service Volunteers (CSV’s). Speaks to: volunteers Nigel Orchard, (also sings), Sarah Gale(?), Ian Groves(?), Tracy Rolfe(?) and a man identified only as Tim; disabled students David Edwards and Andy Kandler(?); founder of the CSV, Alec Dixon; coordinator of volunteer programmes Andi(?) Kellmanson(?); principle of Banstead Place, Christopher Hartley(?); Springboard (voluntary scheme for unemployed school leavers) organisers Caroline Reeson and Wendy Friar(?); Springboard trainees Michael Adams, Tony O’Sullivan and Michael Perris(?); Mary Evans from the organisation Shelter; teacher Alison Curtain(?); student Susan Barras(?); CSV Executive Director Elizabeth Hoodless. Breaks where news edited out.
David Edwards; Jennifer Jeremy; Nigel Orchard; Sarah Gale(?); Alec Dixon; Andy Kandler(?); Ian Groves(?); Christopher Hartley(?); Tracey Rolfe(?); Caroline Reeson; Michael Adams; Michael Perris(?); Mary Evans; Wendy Friar(?); Alison Curtain(?); Susan Barras(?); Elizabeth Hoodless; Andi(?) Kellmanson(?); Tony O’Sullivan
London; Trade unions; Social security; Education; NUPE; Prisons; Unemployment; Adolescents; Charities; Homeless people; Homeless; Mental health; NALGO; Disabled persons; Mind; Bureaucracy; Shelter; Brixton; Working life; Unemployed youth; Dole; Students; Prisoners; Occupations; School leaving; Training; Volunteers; Games (leisure activities); Voluntary work; Voluntary organizations; Care for the disabled; Transition from school to work; Community Service Volunteers; Sybil Elgar School

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