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After eight

After eight
Interview; Documentary; Speech; Advertisement; Jingle
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19 May 1980
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Douglas Moffitt presents this edition of After Eight, on the Advertising Association conference in Brighton and some of the issues raised in it. Speaking are: chairman of the conference Sir David Orr; Chairman of McCann and Co advertising group, Ann Burdus; Director-General of the Advertising Standards Authority, Peter Thompson; head of economics and research at the Advertising Association, Mike Waterson; President of the Advertising Association, Sir Alex Jarratt. Several adverts are played as examples. Adverts and speech excerpts in mono. Breaks in recording.
Peter Thompson; Douglas Moffitt; Ann Burdus; Alex Jarratt; David Orr; Mike Waterson
USA; Legislation; UK; Public opinion; Natural resources; Propaganda; Advertising; Conferences; Drugs; Marketing; Mass media; Corporations; Advertising control; Consumers; Tobacco; Alcohol; Radio advertising; Tobacco industry; Brighton; Public information; Television advertising; Complaints (consumer affairs); Pharmaceutical industry; Press advertising; Persuasion; Commercial broadcasting; Mass communication; Complaint letters; Mobil; Business corporations; Esso; Georgia-Pacific; Chevrolet; Coca Cola; Advertising Standards Authority; Advertising Association

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