LBC reports the Election - Part 1

LBC reports the Election - Part 1
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9 Jun 1983
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LBC Reports the Election, Part 1, presented by Dan Damon, following end of voting in the 1983 UK General Election and prior to announcement of results. Speaking are: Robert Arkle, Chairman of International consultants; David Sharrock, Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals; Ian Watson, pilot; Peter Kellner, New Statesman; Dr David Owen, SDP; David Steel, Liberal Party leader; Roy Jenkins, SDP leader; Michael Foot, Labour Party leader; Denis Healey, Labour deputy leader; Neil Kinnock, Labour MP; Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister; Kenny Everett, comedian. Female newsreader is Vivien Stuart. Reporters include: Peter Murphy, John Draper, Alan Taylor, Paul Maurice, Jim Thompson, Dave Brenner, Jo Andrews, Judith Dawson, Richard Bestic, Nigel Swettenham, Barbara Bloomfield, Rosy Kempston, Dianne Stradling, Mark Percy, Prue Keely, Kay Oliver, Peter Kimber, Paul Cooney. Includes news bulletins; advertisements (with Tom Baker; Penelope Keith); jingles; weather bulletin; phone-in. Ends abruptly.
Margaret Thatcher; David Steel; Peter Murphy; Denis Healey; Roy Jenkins; Prue Keely; Michael Foot; David Owen; Neil Kinnock; Judith Dawson; Richard Bestic; Paul Maurice; Peter Kellner; Jo Andrews; Paul Cooney; Kenny Everett; Peter Kimber; Tom Baker; Penelope Keith; Dan Damon; John Draper; Dianne Stradling; Mark Percy; Kay Oliver; Rosy Kempston; Alan Taylor; Jim Thompson; Barbara Bloomfield; Dave Brenner; Vivien Stuart; Nigel Swettenham; David Sharrock; Ian Watson; Robert Arkle
Elections; Politics; Labour Party; Margaret Thatcher; Conservative Party; Liberal Party; Political parties; Members of Parliament; Prime ministers; SDP; SDP-Liberal Alliance; General elections; Public opinion polls; Political coalitions; Parliamentary candidates

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