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After eight Sunday

After eight Sunday
News report; Interview; Documentary; Speech; Discussion; Parliamentary debate; Music
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27 Apr 1980
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Mike Hopwood presents this edition of After Eight Sunday investigating the Iran hostage crisis and crisis in East-West relations from a Christian viewpoint after a failed rescue attempt by American forces. Political editor Peter Allen reports on events- speaking are US President Jimmy Carter; Lord Privy Seal, Ian Gilmour; Labour’s foreign affairs spokesman, Peter Shore; Labour MP Tony Benn. Studio discussion follows with: Conservative MP and Vice-Chairman of the Tory Parliamentary defence committee, Victor Goodhew; Reverend David Houghton(?), Chelsea Methodist Church; Reverend Christopher Scott, Christ’s Church Hampstead; and trainee missionary priest Steve McGarry(?). A song from the musical Godspell is played. Also Anglican minister for Heathrow Airport, Reverend Alan Gowdy(?) talks about his role after the mid air collision over Zagreb in 1978.
Jimmy Carter; Peter Allen; Peter Shore; Tony Benn; Ian Gilmour; Mike Hopwood; Victor Goodhew; Alan Gowdy(?); David Houghton(?); Christopher Scott; Steve McGarry(?)
Aircraft; USA; Air accidents; Iran; Deaths; Revolutions; Deportation; Middle East; Human rights; Government; Heathrow Airport; Religion; Terrorism; UK; Ayatollah Khomeini; Embassies and consulates; Tehran; Afghanistan; Terrorists; USSR; International relations; Uganda; Idi Amin; Political systems; Political leadership; Church; Aeroplanes; Mass media; Oil supply; Musical theatre; Oil; Christianity; Hostages; Mohammad Reza Pahlavi; Embassy buildings; Diplomats; Military operations; Religious belief; Democracy; Political leaders; Rescue work; Information; Christians; Search and rescue operations; Zagreb; Public information; Bereavement; Iranian revolution (1979); East West relations; Ruhollah Khomeini; Godspell

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