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Michael Parkinson show

Michael Parkinson show
News report; Interview; News bulletin; Advertisement; Jingle; Trailer
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11 Sep 1991
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Michael Parkinson show on London Talkback Radio with guests politician Roy Jenkins, Body Shop founder Anita Roddick and John Connell from the Noise Abatement Society. Roy Jenkins on his autobiography A Life at the Centre, life as a politician, political leaders and changes he has seen. Anita Roddick on her autobiography Body and Soul, opening the Body Shop, involvement with the Big Issue and living with indigenous tribal groups. John Connell on increase in noise pollution and what produces it (interview terminated due to noise on line). Also includes news bulletins, sport, weather and finance read by Jonathan Staples; travel with Stuart Barton; trailer by Douglas Cameron for his show; adverts including one for Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall in association with LBC and CD Review.
Roy Jenkins; John Connell; Douglas Cameron; Michael Parkinson; Jonathan Staples; London Talkback Radio; Anita Roddick; Stuart Barton
Books; Politics; Labour Party; Harold Wilson; Political leadership; Political parties; Homeless people; Homelessness; Periodicals; Indigenous populations; Autobiographies; Hugh Gaitskell; Roy Jenkins; SDP; Noise pollution; Politicians; Neil Kinnock; Political leaders; Tribes; Environmental legislation; Pollution control; Noise Abatement Society; A Life at the Centre; Body and Soul; Body Shop; Big Issue; Anita Roddick

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