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Margaret Thatcher on EEC

Margaret Thatcher on EEC
Interview; Technical
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10 Mar 1980
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British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is interviewed for a French television station. The questions are asked in French and Thatcher answers in English on EEC policies and UK budget contributions and UK role in Europe. And also on being a woman prime minister. Two male interviewers and television station are not identified. At the end they all talk about the interview with some technical noise in the background.
Margaret Thatcher
Israel; Middle East; Politics; Jewish-Arab relations; EEC; Press; UK; Afghanistan; Television; USSR; International relations; France; Military affairs; Women; Common markets; Common Agricultural Policy; Economic policy; Olympic games; Prime ministers; Economic systems; Oil; European economic cooperation; Foreign policy; Europe; Currencies; Gender roles; Wealth; Fish; Palestinian Arabs; Bilateral relations; International defence; East West relations; Financing; Budget contributions; French (language); Self determination

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