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Munich, it just wouldn’t sink in

Munich, it just wouldn’t sink in
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Munich, it Just Wouldn’t Sink in, originally from Piccadilly Radio. Recollecting the Manchester United air disaster at Munich 25 years ago today (06/02/58), and its aftermath. Members of the public recollect the moment they heard about the disaster. We hear from Les Olive, office worker at Manchester United; Bobby Charlton; Joan Taylor and Irene Ramsden, laundry girls; Peter Howard, Daily Mail photographer; Jimmy Murphy, assistant to Matt Busby; Fred Waddington Chief Superintendent at Stretford police station; Ian Greaves; Stan Royal, photographer, Manchester Evening News; David Wiggs; Matt Busby; footballers that survived: Jackie Blanchflower, Bill Foulkes and Harry Gregg. Includes news reports from the time, the phone call from Peter Howard to his boss at the Daily Mail that broke the news and a statement by Matt Busby from his hospital bed.
Piccadilly Radio; Les Olive; Bobby Charlton; Joan Taylor; Irene Ramsden; Peter Howard; Jackie Blanchflower; Bill Foulkes; Jimmy Murphy; Harry Gregg; Fred Waddington; Ian Greaves; Stan Royal; David Wiggs; Matt Busby
Air accidents; Deaths; Association football; Football players; Manchester; Air safety; Reminiscing; Munich; Manchester United Football Club; Anniversaries

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