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Crisis, what crisis?

Crisis, what crisis?
Interview; Documentary; Special
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29 Jan 1983
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LBC Special: What Crisis? presented by Dan Damon, on possibility of economic collapse in the world economy; banking industry loans to developing countries and despotic regimes; comparison with 1933 economic crash. Interviews with Eric Deakins MP; Lord Harold Lever, former economic advisor to Labour government; Edward Heath MP; Seymour Mullings, National Party of Jamaica; Dr Hedley Brown, Director of Economic Planning, Jamaica; Bob Sutcliffe, Marxist economist; Bob Beckman, Investors Bulletin; Jane Merryman, South magazine; Max Luthert(?), Lloyds Bank International; Sheila Page, development economist; Charles Elliott, Christian Aid; Peter O’Neal(?); Ango Gorea(?); Jack Schlar(?), World Bank.
Charles Elliott; Edward Heath; Bob Beckman; Eric Deakins; Harold Lever; Seymour Mullings; Hedley Brown; Bob Sutcliffe; Jane Merryman; Sheila Page; Dan Damon; Max Luthert(?); Peter O’Neal(?); Ango Gorea(?); Jack Schlar(?)
Economics; Public finance; Political systems; Economic recession; Developing countries; Banking; Loans; Foreign aid; Economic forecasting; Jamaica

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