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Network - The week the world stood still

Network - The week the world stood still
Interview; Documentary; Speech; Special
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8 Jan 1983
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The Week The World Stood Still. A Network programme, examining the events leading to the Cuban missile crisis in 1962. The speakers include: US President John F. Kennedy; George Ball, US Deputy Secretary of State; Hugh Williams, Royal Institute of International Affairs; Lord Home (Alec Douglas-Home), UK Foreign Secretary; Andrei Antonovski(?), Soviet diplomat; Lord Harlech (David Ormsby-Gore), British ambassador to Washington; Louis Heron(?), Times Washington correspondent. Includes archive newsreel reports. Presenters and interviewers not identified. Broadcast on Piccadilly Radio.
Hugh Williams; John F. Kennedy; Piccadilly Radio; Andrei Antonovski(?); George Ball; Alec Douglas-Home; David Ormsby-Gore; Louis Heron(?)
USA; Foreign affairs; Armed forces; Cuba; USSR; International relations; Political systems; Military affairs; Fidel Castro; Cuban Missile Crisis (1962); Presidents; Nuclear warfare; John F. Kennedy; East West relations; Nikita Khrushchev

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