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Michael Parkinson show

Michael Parkinson show
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Michael Parkinson show on London Talkback Radio with guests writer Keith Waterhouse and Senior Lecturer on Peace Studies at Bradford University Dr Paul Rogers. Waterhouse discusses his career, love of the English language, and his books There is a Happy Land, Bimbo and English Our English: And How to Sing It. Dr Rogers discusses the situation in the Middle East and hopes for peace and takes questions on the subject from callers. Also includes news (read by Jonathan Staples, reports by Steven Ward, Marie Kinsey; speaking Lord David Waddington, Speaker Bernard Weatherill) financial news, sports and weather bulletins; travel with Steve Watts; trailers (one for Fix-it phone-in with Therese Birch); adverts. Starts and ends abruptly.
Therese Birch; David Waddington; Marie Kinsey; Michael Parkinson; Jonathan Staples; Bernard Weatherill; Paul Rogers; London Talkback Radio; Steve Watts; Keith Waterhouse; Steven Ward
Books; Authors; Israel; Middle East; Jewish-Arab relations; PLO; USSR; UN; Conflict resolution; Cold War; Peacebuilding; Palestine; Jordan; Jerusalem; Yasser Arafat; Muammar al-Gaddafi; Occupied territories; Peter O’Toole; Kuwait; Iraq; English (language); Gulf War (1990-1991); Saddam Hussein; Palestinian Arabs; East West relations; James Baker; Resolutions; Willis Hall; There is a Happy Land; Bimbo; English Our English: And How to Sing It; Keith Waterhouse; The West Bank; The Gaza Strip

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