After Eight special - Everyone is famous

After Eight special - Everyone is famous
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Dec 1978
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A look at the experiences of ten ordinary people and couples whose stories were featured on LBC during 1978. Speakers include Bernard and Marian Falstone, who were trapped in their car in snow for 28 hours; Theresa Bennett, who was refused permission on gender grounds to play football for her local team but who subsequently won a court appeal; Jennifer Davies, who achieved the same rights for lovers as for wives in cases of domestic violence; Barry Bowles, on his land speed record attempt; Benny Cohen, on being on Korean Air Lines Flight 902 which was shot down by the Soviets; headmistress Margaret Jones, on the bad press she received after becoming pregnant by a married teacher; Lesley and Paul Brown, parents of the first test-tube baby; signalman Alan Twiddle(?) on the brewing-up dispute of taking breaks during their meal breaks; Mabel Swyers, on selling her 9 year-old car with only 500 miles on the clock; Pete Wilkinson of Greenpeace, on the campaign to stop a seal cull. Female presenter not identified (poss. Antonia Higgs?). Break in audio midway through clip.
Barry Bowles; Margaret Jones; Paul Brown; Pete Wilkinson; Lesley Brown; Bernard Falstone; Marian Falstone; Theresa Bennett; Jennifer Davies; Benny Cohen; Antonia Higgs?; Alan Twiddle(?); Mabel Swyers
Trade unions; Animal rights; Snow; USSR; Military aircraft; Cars; Teachers; Women; Association football; Domestic violence; Equal opportunity; In vitro fertilization; Aeroplanes; Famous people; Gender discrimination; Greenpeace; Motor racing; Racing; Used car trade; Teacher behaviour; Reproductive technology

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