Defining moments of World War II

Defining moments of World War II
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Defining moments of the Second World War through a series of archive clips, no commentary given. Numerous news reports including actuality from the Blitz bombings; Mussolini stepping down, and the liberation of Italy by the Allied Forces; speeches by Prime Minister Winston Churchill; Germany declaring war on Italy; bombing raids; announcement of the D-Day landings; liberation of Paris and prisoners of war; death of Adolf Hitler, and the surrender of the German army; VE Day and VJ Day celebrations and speech by Clement Attlee. Reporters include Wilfred Vaughan Thomas, Herbert Walden, Godfrey Talbot, Richard Wessel(?), Frederick Drieswood(?), Frank Gillard, Chester Wilmot, Thomas Cadett, Richard Chub. Other speakers not identified.
Godfrey Talbot; Wilfred Vaughan Thomas; Herbert Walden; Richard Wessel(?); Frederick Drieswood(?); Frank Gillard(?); Thomas Cadett(?); Richard Chubb; Clement Attlee; Winston Churchill (1874-1965); Chester Wilmot
Peace; Politics; Government; Armed forces; UK; Germany; Nazis; Second World War (1939-1945); Aerial bombardment; Japan; Italy; Nuclear bomb; Prisoners of War; Adolf Hitler; VE day; VJ Day; Benito Mussolini; Dwight Eisenhower; Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

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