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Decision makers

Decision makers
Interview; Documentary; Speech; Trailer; Technical
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17 Oct 1982
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Decision Makers: Nuclear free Britain, presented by Judith Dawson. Examines the issues in attaining nuclear disarmament, in particular relations with America and Russia, in light of the growing campaign against nuclear weapons and the Labour Party’s pledge to get rid of all nuclear bases and weapons but to stay in NATO. Excerpts from a speech by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the Commons and interviews with John Silkin, Labour defence spokesman; Dr David Owen, SDP spokesman; Dan Smith of Labour’s defence study group; Phil Williams, researcher at the Royal Institute for International Affairs; Colonel Alford of the Institute for Strategic Studies. Followed by three versions of trailers for this programme. Researcher: Clive Bull; Engineer: Dave Dawson.
John Silkin; Margaret Thatcher; David Owen; Dave Dawson; Jonathan Alford; Judith Dawson; Clive Bull; Dan Smith; Phil Williams
USA; Labour Party; USSR; International relations; International politics; Nuclear weapons; State security; Nuclear disarmament; NATO; Defence policy; Nuclear warfare; Anti-nuclear movements; Unilateral disarmament; National defence; International defence; East West relations

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