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Our kind of town

Our kind of town
Interview; Documentary
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28 Dec 1980
Year of production
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This edition of Our Kind of Town is presented by Keith Howell and investigates life in the city of Paris and how it compares to life in London- revised edition. Speaks to former jazz drummer, Francois ‘Moustache’ Galepides about his life and memories of Paris; British wine merchant, Steven Spurrier about his business; record company executive, Diana Graham, about adjusting to Paris life.
Keith Howell; Francois Galepides; Steven Spurrier; Diana Graham
Peace; London; Musicians; Strikes; Wages; Prices; Cost of living; Crime; Social security; Taxation; EEC; Education; Police; UK; British; Business; International relations; France; Fashion; Bicycles; Common markets; Rugby football; Health policy; Foreign policy; Europe; Cuisine; Working life; Accommodation; War (concept); Milkmen; Vineyards; Public houses; Students; Rented accommodation; Food; Beverages; Wine; Gender roles; Paris; Jazz; Clothing; Theft; Bread; Alcoholic beverages; Training; Bilateral relations; Social welfare; French (cultural identity); Genealogy; French; Educational institutions; Bacon; Languages; French (language); English culture; European cuisine; Social environment; Health and welfare legislation; Wine merchants; Marks and Spencer

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