Decision makers

Decision makers
News report; Interview; Documentary
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26 Sep 1985
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Decision Makers, presented by Peter Murphy. Ahead of next week’s Labour Party conference in Bournemouth, the programme looks at 3 of the issues likely to cause problems for Neil Kinnock’s leadership: Black Sections, local government, and the aftermath of the Miners’ Strike. Part 2 includes an extended interview with Neil Kinnock. Contributions from reporters Neil Mainland, Jo Andrews, Richard Bestic; Arthur Scargill, NUM; Clive Jenkins, leader of the ASTMS; Jack Cunningham, Labour’s environment spokesman; Ted Knight, leader of Lambeth Council; Sharon Atkin, Labour councillor; Russell Profitt, Black Sections supporter; Roy Hattersley, Deputy Labour leader. Engineer: Heather Branwell.
Clive Jenkins; Arthur Scargill; Peter Murphy; Roy Hattersley; Ted Knight; Heather Branwell; Richard Bestic; Russell Profitt; Jack Cunningham; Neil Mainland; Jo Andrews; Sharon Atkin
Trade unions; Local government; Labour Party; Strikes; Labour disputes; Interethnic relations; Political conferences; Political leadership; Political parties; Conferences; NUM; Equal opportunity; Racial discrimination; ASTMS; Coal miners; Black peoples; Bournemouth; Neil Kinnock; Coal Strike (1984-1985); Institutional racism

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