Decision makers

Decision makers
Interview; Documentary
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12 Sep 1985
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Decision Makers, presented by Richard Dallyn. Asking, where do the Alliance parties (Liberals and Social Democrats) go from here? Covers image and identity issues, similarities and differences, and the balance of power. Part 1 charts the views of Liberal Party and SDP politicians during and after the SDP conference in Torquay. Part 2 contains a special interview with Liberal Party leader David Steel. Contributions from SDP leader David Owen; Liberal MP David Alton; Liberal MP Paddy Ashdown; SDP President, Shirley Williams; Danny Finkelstein, Young Social Democrat. Engineer: Heather Branwell.
David Steel; Shirley Williams; David Alton; David Owen; Heather Branwell; Richard Dallyn; Paddy Ashdown; Danny Finkelstein
Labour Party; Political conferences; Liberal Party; Political parties; David Steel; Conferences; Torquay; SDP; SDP-Liberal Alliance; Social Democratic Party; Political coalitions

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