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Decision makers

Decision makers
Interview; Documentary
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22 Jul 1984
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Decision Makers discusses the subject of the Government and its judgement - is it in question? With strikes imminent, the possibility of a state of emergency, and an economy in trouble, is it down to Thatcher’s rule? Neil Kinnock claims the Government has caused a lack of confidence within the financial institutions, whilst Thatcher claims the country will recover. Speaking are: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; John Gorst, Tory MP; Charles Irving, Tory MP; Conservative Party Chairman John Selwyn Gummer; Francis Pym, former Foreign Secretary; Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock; Alan Beith MP. Presented by Peter Spencer and Judith Dawson. Engineer Dave Dawson.
Francis Pym; Margaret Thatcher; Peter Spencer; Neil Kinnock; Dave Dawson; Judith Dawson; John Gorst; Charles Irving; John Gummer; Alan Beith
Politics; Strikes; Labour disputes; Margaret Thatcher; Economic policy; Prime ministers

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