Our kind of town

Our kind of town
Interview; Documentary
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3 Aug 1980
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This week’s edition of Our Kind of Town is presented by Keith Howell and investigates London’s sewage system. In the first part Manager of Thames Water’s Metropolitan Public Health Division, Les Thompson, is interviewed on the history and workings of the system, pollution and what can be found in the sewers. Keith Howell then descends into the sewers with operations manager of Thames Water Highbury Depot John Anthony, ganger Jack Longley(?) and his team of flushers, who explain the system and show the effect of a recent storm. Water and traffic above can be heard.
Keith Howell; Les Thompson; John Anthony; Jack Longley(?)
Dangerous materials; London; Pigs; Weather; Storms; Floods; Wages; Working conditions; Wild animals; Investment; History; Government spending; Risk prevention; Water pollution; Sewage disposal; Waste treatment; Waste water; Animals; Rivers; River Thames; Thames Water; Recycling; Water treatment; Warning devices; Rats; Gases; Illness; Toxic waste; Water companies; Jewellery; Highbury; Temperature; Civil engineering; Joseph Bazalgette; Sewers; Sewage works; Communication methods; Industrial waste; Civil engineers; Velocity; Hepatitis; Backache

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