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Our kind of town

Our kind of town
Interview; Documentary
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20 Jul 1980
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This week’s edition of Our Kind of Town is presented by Keith Howell. In the first part Polish artist now based in London Feliks Topolski talks about his life and career including his Second World War experiences. Interview coincides with opening of his exhibition. In the second part Deputy Chairman of clothing hire firm Moss Bros, Montague Moss, talks about the family business and how fashion has changed.
Keith Howell; Montague Moss; Feliks Topolski
Actors; India; Theatre; London; Companies; UK; Business; Fashion; Horse racing; Weddings; Artists; War crimes; Vietnam War (1945-1975); Customs and traditions; Second World War (1939-1945); Poland; Concentration camps; Art; Family; Coronation of Elizabeth II (1953); Paris; Portraits; Portrait painting; Clothing; Cultural exhibitions; Skiing; Painting; Body weight; War crime trials; Sewing; Bergen-Belsen; Hats; Nuremberg War Crime Trials (1946-1949); Hermann Goring; Murals; Drawing; Chronicles; ICA Gallery; Moss Bros; Hire trade; Charles Pond(?); Measurement; Ascot; Feliks Topolski

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