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Our kind of town

Our kind of town
Interview; Documentary
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18 May 1980
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This week’s edition of Our Kind of Town is presented by Keith Howell and examines River Thames floods and flood prevention past and present including the Thames Barrier which is under construction. Includes interviews with: Deputy Director of the GLC Engineering Department, Ray Horner; GLC emergency planning officer Frank Raine-Allen; author of Goodbye Piccadilly, Tom Barling. Planning engineer Peter Blaisdell(?) gives a tour of the barrier construction site.
Keith Howell; Ray Horner; Frank Raine-Allen; Tom Barling; Peter Blaisdell(?)
Books; Legislation; London; Emergency services; Floods; Working conditions; GLC; Tides; Flood damage; Councils; Engineers; Safety; Diseases; Risk prevention; Emergency planning; River Thames; Flood control; Flood defences; Building construction; Divers; Thames Barrier; Risk management; Disaster prevention; Civil engineering; Dams; Construction engineering; Diving equipment; Diving; Structures; Geography; Drownign; Meteorological data; Goodbye Piccadilly; Construction methods; Civil engineers; Hydraulic equipment

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