Decision makers

Decision makers
Interview; Documentary; Speech
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1 Apr 1984
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Decision Makers- abolition of Greater London Council (GLC) and Metropolitan Authorities, and rate capping of local authorities by the Conservative Government, presented by Judith Dawson. Also examines cuts in expenditure in Liverpool and response of the Labour controlled council. Speaking are: Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; William Waldegrave MP; Jack Cunningham MP; Alan Greengross, GLC Tory councillor; Ken Livingstone, GLC leader; Derek Hatton, Liverpool City Council; Environment Secretary Patrick Jenkin; John Lee(?), Liverpool City Council; David Blunkett, Sheffield Council. Engineer Heather Branwell.
Margaret Thatcher; Patrick Jenkin; Ken Livingstone; Judith Dawson; Heather Branwell; William Waldegrave; Jack Cunningham; Alan Greengross; Derek Hatton; David Blunkett; John Lee(?) (Liverpool City councillor)
London; Local authorities; Local government; Cost reduction; GLC; Liverpool; Public finance; Local taxation; Liverpool City Council; Governance; City councils; Local finance

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