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Decision makers

Decision makers
News report; Interview; Documentary; Speech
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27 Mar 1982
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Decision Makers - 200 years of the Foreign Office, presented by Peter Murphy. Looks at the Foreign Office and how its role has changed. Speaks to the present Foreign Secretary, Lord Carrington (Peter Carington) and two of his predecessors, Lord Alec Douglas-Home and Dr David Owen. Includes clips from news report by BBC radio as Neville Chamberlain’s Peace in our Time speech was being given; broadcast to the nation by Anthony Eden; speech by Prince Charles, Prince of Wales at the independence of Rhodesia / Zimbabwe. Engineer: Dave Dawson.
Peter Murphy; David Owen; Peter Carington; Dave Dawson; Prince Charles; BBC; Anthony Eden; Prince of Wales; Alec Douglas-Home; Neville Chamberlain
Foreign affairs; EEC; UK; International relations; Zimbabwe; Rhodesia; International politics; Diplomacy; Foreign policy; Royal family; Second World War (1939-1945); Royalty; Europe; Colonial countries; Independence; Colonialism; Foreign offices; Wars (events)

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