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Our kind of town

Our kind of town
Interview; Documentary
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3 Feb 1980
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Our Kind of Town, presented by Keith Howell. This episode focuses on London’s snuff industry, and Soho. Howell speaks to Vivian Rose, manager of G. Smith and Son, who explains why people take snuff, and how the practice differs from smoking. Rose describes how his shop exports snuff all over the world, and says that snuff can prevent people from catching a cold. Howell goes on to interview Chairman of the Soho Society, Brian Burrows, who describes the multicultural make-up of Soho with its diverse range of religions and refugees from across Europe and more recently China. Burrows also talks about the vice industry and its effect on bringing up children in Soho, as well as attempts to prevent the demolition of buildings near Charing Cross. In two parts, divided by short break in audio.
Keith Howell; Vivian Rose; Brian Burrows
London; Religion; Smoking; Immigration; Michael Heseltine; Shops; Prostitution; Drug abuse; Rent; Multiculturalism; Tobacco; Sex; Flats; Soho; Addiction; Planning; Intercultural education; Tobacco pipe trade; Metrology: Measuring instruments; Pipe making; Society of Religion

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