Decision makers

Decision makers
Interview; Documentary; Speech
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8 Jan 1982
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Decision Makers: Weather Conditions. Presenter: Elaine Lipworth. Report on extreme weather conditions in UK and problems caused- blocked roads and train and airline delays; effect on farming and possibility of compensation; effect of climate change. Interviews with unidentified speakers on flooding in York, Gloucestershire and Somerset. Speaking are: Albert Booth MP; Anthony Gibson, National Union of Farmers; John Blackstone, journalist; Arthur Lewis MP; Martin Morris, Meteorological Office; Kenneth Clarke MP; David Parry MP; Dr John Gribbin, New Scientist magazine. Researcher Martha Kearney, engineer Heather Branwell.
Kenneth Clarke; John Gribbin; Heather Branwell; Martha Kearney; Elaine Lipworth; Albert Booth; Anthony Gibson; John Blackstone; Arthur Lewis; Martin Morris; David Parry
Transport; Weather; Agriculture; Farming; Somerset; Roads; Compensation; Climate change; Meteorological Office; York; Gloucestershire; Railway services

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