The London interview

The London interview
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26 Apr 1980
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The London Interview. Tricia Ingrams interviews Evening Standard journalist John Blake, who writes a celebrity column entitled Ad Lib. Blake discusses the wide range of things he writes about in his column including hypnotism, cannabis and celebrity, and describes how his whole life ends up in the column. He says he wanted to be a pilot before settling on being a journalist. Blake describes a charity event held in Paris amongst journalists and visiting India. He says he would like to write a novel in the coming years after working with writer Ken Follett. Blake also describes his passion for sailing, where he can get away from the world of journalism.
Tricia Ingrams; John Blake
Entertainment; Journalism; Press; Broadcasting; Charity; Fundraising; Cannabis; Illegal drugs; Pilots; Creative writing; Psychology; Publishing; Famous people; Hypnosis; Boats; Sailing; Journalists; Evening Standard; Writing; Press ethics; Ken Follett; Sailing vessels

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