Monty at large

Monty at large
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In this week’s edition Monty Modlyn visits the Royal British Legion factory in Richmond, south London, which supplies poppies for the Remembrance Day appeal for war veterans. He speaks to volunteers and workers about the role of the organisation and its offshoots. Speaking are: General Secretary Air Vice Marshal Charles Maughan; Roy Cummings, Brixton Road taxi school; Ada Pilcher, war widow; Graham Simpson, ex-Royal Marine bandsman; Bob Tomlins, poppy appeal organiser; Ira Cantello, branch volunteer in South London; Michael Day, secretary; Barbara Cooper, ex-WREN; Alf Fudge, Attendants Company; Ron Morton(?), Housing Association; tenants Charlie Kidd and Molly Kidd; former gunner John Elkins; Dennis Simpson, manager of poppy factory.
Monty Modlyn; Michael Day; Barbara Cooper; Charles Maughan; Roy Cummings; Ada Pilcher; Graham Simpson; Bob Tomlins; Ira Cantello; Alf Fudge; Ron Morton(?); Charlie Kidd; Molly Kidd; John Elkins; Dennis Simpson
London; Armed forces; Housing; Employment; Fundraising; Taxi drivers; Charities; Taxis; Industrial plants; Royal British Legion; Volunteers; Remembrance day; Veterans (Armed Forces); Voluntary work; Richmond; Disabled war veterans; Veterans associations; Royal British Legion Attendants Company Ltd

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