Monty at large

Monty at large
Interview; Documentary; Music
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In this week’s edition Monty Modlyn visits Grosvenor House in Park Lane, London, and speaks to members of staff, coinciding with the fiftieth anniversary of the hotel. Speaking are: Jim Beard, director of administration; valets - Charlie Wiggins, Michael Wiggins, Neil Kirby, Norman Maybury; David Abbott, recruitment officer; Liam McManus, porter; Nan Blake, officer worker; Mary Leiden(?), chambermaid; Arthur Flukiger(?), floor manager (about the visit of singer Lena Horne and the Count Basie Orchestra); Nora Stott, secretary; Philip Davis(?), accounts; Ken Turner, manager of swimming club and gym; Alan Christie, tea room pianist (with some of his music heard).
Monty Modlyn; Jim Beard; Charlie Wiggins; Michael Wiggins; Neil Kirby; Norman Maybury; David Abbott; Liam McManus; Nan Blake; Mary Leiden(?); Arthur Flukiger(?); Nora Stott; Philip Davis(?); Ken Turner; Alan Christie
London; Anniversary celebrations; Hotel industry; Hotels; Trust House Forte; Anniversaries; Park Lane; Grosvenor House; Lena Horne; Count Basie Orchestra

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