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City week

City week
News report; Interview
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Dec 1979
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City Week, presented by Tom Maddocks, looks back at recent financial issues. Coverage includes predictions for the UK economy; inflation rates; effect of frozen Iranian assets following overthrow of the Shah; commodities market; report on the savings index; relocating to Jersey; state of the motor industry. Reporters include Douglas Moffitt, Vivian White, Peter Douglas. Speakers include Dr David Mayes, National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR); John Methven, CBI; Alex Murray, Financial Weekly; Dick Grace, Conti Commodities; Michael Brooks, Anthony Gibbs Financial Services; Richard Stone, Jersey estate agent; Jean(?) Derrida(?), Economic Models Group. Studio engineer Paul Easton.
John Methven; Vivian White; Tom Maddocks; Paul Easton; Douglas Moffitt; Richard Stone; Alex Murray; Dick Grace; Peter Douglas; David Mayes; Michael Brooks; Jean(?) Derrida(?)
Iran; Revolutions; Inflation; Economics; CBI; Motor vehicle industry; Investment; Financial policy; Banking; Economic forecasting; Employment policy; Currencies; Estate agents; Savings; Channel Islands; Jersey; Financial statistics; Iranian revolution (1979); Financial markets; Commodities

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