City week

City week
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City Week, presented by Tom Maddocks. Includes a financial update by Maddocks; a feature on the pastimes of bankers during the bank holidays, by Di Latham, who speaks to bankers Graham Cawley (of Lloyds) and Derek Brewer(?); interviews by financial editor Douglas Moffitt with Michael Surrey of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research and Tim Condon(?) of Methaws(?) stockbrokers, on the current recession. Also the news that Marks and Spencer has entered into a high street price-cutting war, and information on the technical aspects of the recession and government policies. Music by Eric Idle (The Money Song) accompanies the feature.
Di Latham; Tom Maddocks; Douglas Moffitt; Graham Cawley; Eric Idle; Michael Surrey; Laurie Barker; David Ball; Tim Condon(?); Derek Brewer(?)
Budgets; Entertainment; Sport; Wages; Prices; Inflation; Unemployment; Finance; Economic recession; Oil extraction; Financial policy; Leisure; Bank of England; Magic; Gold; Leisure time activities; Financial administration; Bankers; Eric Idle; Monty Python; Consumption; Economics and finance; National Institute of Economic and Social Research; Cycling (recreation); Historical reenactment; English Civil Wars (1642-1651)

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