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City week

City week
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City Week. The week’s news as seen by IRN’s Financial Unit. Presented by Tom Maddocks. The main topics are the elections, the value of the pound, and taxation. Conservative Party leader Margaret Thatcher and Shadow Chancellor Sir Geoffrey Howe criticise Chancellor, Denis Healey and Prime Minister, James Callaghan for putting prices up by over 100 percent. Callaghan and Liberal economic spokesman John Pardoe challenge this view. Liberal Party leader David Steel attacks the politics of the two parties. The Communists want to raise taxes, the National Front wants a withdrawal from the foreign market, and the Workers Revolutionary Party wants the nationalisation of businesses. Jonathon Porritt of the Ecology Party wants a stable economy. Robert Corfe, a business consultant, wants the nationalisation of industries. He points out to Douglas Moffitt the weaknesses of British industry. There is a look at the European aid programme supported by all the Common Market countries. Clive Thornton, Chief Manager of Abbey National Building Society, wants the building of housing associations to provide homes for rent, and an Abbey National office in Brussels. This is followed by a look at the Common Market Agricultural Policy. Michael Berendt of the European Commission says they decide the EEC guaranteed price, then translate it into national prices. Thatcher says Britain could benefit from the microchip revolution by using private enterprises. Dick Grace of County Commodities takes an overview of the commodity market. Studio direction by Ray Gannon(?).
James Callaghan; Geoffrey Howe; Margaret Thatcher; David Steel; John Pardoe; Jonathon Porritt; Tom Maddocks; Clive Thornton; Douglas Moffitt; Ray Gannon(?); Robert Corfe; Michael Berendt
Elections; Exports; Inflation; Taxation; Economics; EEC; Conservative Party; Liberal Party; Ecology Party; Communist Party; Common markets; National Front; Abbey National Building Society; Currencies; Nationalization; Workers Revolutionary Party; Brussels; EC; Commodities; Economic aid; Commodity exchanges

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