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26 Feb 1984
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Sue Jameson presents an edition of Artsweek. Author Auberon Waugh talks about the list of best British novelists announced this week and at the event novelist Graham Greene gives his top ten. Violinist Igor Oistrakh talks about performing in London. Composer Malcolm Singer on the Robert Mayer Children’s Concert at the Royal Festival Hall. Keith Howell talks to photographer Lynn Goldsmith and her alter ego, pop star Will Powers about their new album, Dancing for Mental Health. The single Adventures in Success is played. TUC education department spokeswoman, Kay Carberry on arts funding. Actor Kevin Kline talks to Carol Allen about his new production The Big Chill. Artist Balraj Khanna talks to Alec(?) Goulden about his first book, Nation of Fools. Pianist Philip Fowke on choosing a new piano for the Royal Festival Hall. Plays out to music.
Auberon Waugh; Carol Allen; Keith Howell; Sue Jameson; Alec(?) Goulden; Graham Greene; Igor Oistrakh; Malcolm Singer; Will Powers; Lynn Goldsmith; Kay Carberry; Kevin Kline; Balraj Khanna; Phillip Fowke
Books; Authors; Musicians; Music; Trade unions; TUC; GLC; Drama; Public finance; Women; Children (age group); Children (family); Arts; Cultural finance; Novelists; Novels; Leisure; Family; Musical performances; Albums (music); Parent-child relationship; Family relationships; Concert performances; Royal Festival Hall; Cultural users; Friends; Violinists; Brian Moore; Friendship; Pianos; Flann O’Brien; Henry Green; Malcolm Lowry; Muriel Spark; RK Narayan; VS Naipaul; JG Ballard; Beryl Bainbridge; Patrick Hamilton; David Oistrakh; Valery Oistrakh; Family environment; Robert Mayer Children’s Concert; Dancing for Mental Health; Adventures in Success; Cultural rights; The Big Chill; Nation of Fools; Sting (musical artist)

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