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City week

City week
Interview; Discussion
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May 1979
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A review of the week’s news as seen by IRN’s Financial Unit, hosted by Douglas Moffitt and Tom Maddocks. The topics covered include: financial markets in the week of the UK General Election; the cost of living; British car market; Post Office strike; petroleum industry and the effect of the Iranian revolution on oil supply; high costs for overseas tourists in London; pensions and savings; overseas opportunities for companies (regular slot). Speaking are: Dick Grace, Conti Commodities; Michael Hughes, De Zoete and Bevan Stockbrokers; Philip Stein, Motor Agents Association; Jenny Drake, Civil and Public Services Association; John Raisman, Shell UK; Bryan Cassidy, GLC; Tessa Morrison, author of the Well Stocked Granary. Reporters: Di Latham, Peter Gould, Alan Clark. Studio direction by Ray Gannon(?).
Peter Gould; Di Latham; Alan Clark; Tom Maddocks; Douglas Moffitt; Michael Hughes; Ray Gannon(?); Dick Grace; Bryan Cassidy; John Raisman; Philip Stein; Jenny Drake; Tessa Morrison
Books; Budgets; Elections; Government; Internal politics; Labour Party; Strikes; Labour disputes; Prices; Inflation; Cost of living; Taxation; Economics; Conservative Party; GLC; Monetary policy; Business; Car industry; Post Office; Political parties; Fiscal policy; Pensions; Councils; Surveys; Economic policy; Oil supply; Tourism; General elections; Public opinion polls; Foreign aid; Economic forecasting; Costs; Petroleum industry; Savings; Iranian revolution (1979); Economic statistics; Financial markets; Commodities; Economic aid; Private pensions; Tourists; Well Stocked Granary

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