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City week

City week
News report; Interview; Consumer advice
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City Week, presented by Tom Maddocks; studio direction by David Balharry(?). Part 2 of 2. Valerie Bafell(?) interviews General Secretary of the National Council of Civil Liberties, Patricia Hewitt on income tax discrimination between men and women. Interview with Nationwide Building Society Chief General Manager Leonard Williams on the impact on the mortgage rates of massive withdrawals prior to the VAT increase. Includes discussion on new house buyers and savings schemes. Report on foreign aid contracts; NEI Parsons has been awarded a contract to supply India with equipment. Fairy Surveys have been awarded a contract to undertake aerial surveys of Guiana and a new railway project in Malawi is under way. Dick Grace of Conti Commodities reports on falling base metal values and rising precious metals, also on soft commodities and worries about frost damaging coffee crops.
Patricia Hewitt; Tom Maddocks; Leonard Williams; Dick Grace; David Balharry(?); Valerie Bafell(?)
Weather; Prices; Taxation; Agriculture; Economics; Women; Finance; Discrimination; Climate; Economic recession; Gender discrimination; Foreign aid; Value Added Tax; Law reform; Mortgage banks; Mortgages (loans); Commodity prices; Weather forecasting; Savings; Cultivation; Commodities; Gold trade; Coffee trade; Real property; Taxation legislation; Lead trade; Tin trade; Precious metals; Frost

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