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City week

City week
News report; Interview; Consumer advice
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City Week, presented by Tom Maddocks; studio direction by David Balharry(?). Part 1 of 2. Includes financial update on the rising value of the pound against the US dollar. Interview with John Moxon(?) of stockbrokers Capel-Cure Myers, on the global recession and resulting unemployment. Also IRN’s Rory McLeod reports on a press conference with Secretary of State for Industry, Sir Keith Joseph, on the controversial reform of the regional aid policy, including discussion on European subsidies. Interview with Political Correspondent Desmond Quigley of Financial Weekly, on analysis of the reforms. Also included is a report on rising credit card use. Tricia Ingrams interviews Pat Statham(?) of the Office of Fair Trading who stipulates that inflation may be pushing people to use credit as may be a lack of consumer awareness of the financial dangers credit poses.
Keith Joseph; Tricia Ingrams; Tom Maddocks; Rory McLeod; David Balharry(?); John Moxon(?); Desmond Quigley; Pat Statham(?)
Money; Economics; Public finance; Unemployment; Finance; Investment; Economic recession; Consumers; Consumer protection; Money markets; Development aid; Trade (practice); Share dealing; Debts; Subsidies; Consumer information; Savings; Financial markets; Economic aid; Credit; Consumer education

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