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City week
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City Week: the week’s news as seen through the eyes of IRN’s Financial Unit. Introduced by Tom Maddocks with contribution from Douglas Moffitt. Topics: high value of Sterling and its implications for business; high mortgage rates; new family bond offered by Alliance Building Society; increase in company cars; British Steel losses; foreign aid opportunities for British exporters; regular commodity review; new breed of professional directors; A Growing Concern, autobiography of Nigel Broackes, founder of Trafalgar House. Includes interviews with: Jim Wilkes(?), British Overseas Trade Board; Alex Murray, Banking Editor of Financial Weekly; Roy Cox, Alliance Building Society; Roy Close, Chartered Institute of Management (by Tom Pollock); Chris Pond, Low Pay Unit; Charles Villiers, British Steel Corporation Chairman (by John Greenwood); Dick Grace, Conti Commodities Ltd; Richard Dangerfield, publisher of Directory of Directors; Nigel Broackes. Produced by Ray Gannon(?).
Charles Villiers; John Greenwood; Tom Maddocks; Douglas Moffitt; Chris Pond; Tom Pollock; Alex Murray; Ray Gannon(?); Dick Grace; Jim Wilkes(?); Roy Cox; Roy Close; Richard Dangerfield; Nigel Broackes
Books; Reports; Wages; Exports; EEC; UK; Monetary policy; Roads; Cars; Steel industry; Annual reports; Exchange rates; Economic policy; Zambia; Autobiographies; Interest rates; Manufacturing industry; Foreign aid; Currencies; Costs; Mortgages (loans); Guyana; Profits; Botswana; Trafalgar House; Savings; Financial markets; Company directors; Commodities; British Steel Corporation; A growing Concern; Nigel Broackes; Directory of Directors

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