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Interview; Music; Talk show
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8 Jan 1984
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Sue Jameson presents Artsweek. She talks to co-producer Max Howard and actors Teddy Kempner and Nicky Croydon about the musical Snoopy and securing Sunday opening with the consent of Equity. Actor Tim Pigott-Smith and writer Ken Taylor discuss television series, The Jewel in the Crown (based on the book, The Raj Quartet, by Paul Scott). Carol Allen speaks to director Jules Wright about the Woman’s Playhouse Trust, and Masterpieces, written by Sarah Daniels. Actress Christine Ellerbeck discusses Lusty Albert’s Timely Passion, about Albert Einstein. Lebanese flautist Wissam Boustany talks about playing with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and his heritage. Programme concludes with (pre-recorded version of?) Mozart’s Sonata for Flute and Piano, played by Wissam Boustany and Russell Lomas.
Carol Allen; Sue Jameson; Ken Taylor; Max Howard; Teddy Kempner; Nicky Croydon; Tim Pigott-Smith; Jules Wright; Christine Ellerbeck; Wissam Boustany
Books; India; Theatre; Drama; Television programmes; Musical theatre; Arts; Lebanon; Sunday trading; Masterpieces; Albert Einstein; Paul Scott; Woman’s Playhouse Trust; Snoopy (musical); The Raj Quartet; The Jewel in the Crown; Sarah Daniels; Lusty Albert’s Timely Passion; Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra; Mozart

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