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1 Jan 1984
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Sue Jameson presents Artsweek (Arts Week?). Kelvin O’Shea talks to Pat Adams of the Tate Gallery about the Looking Into Space exhibition. Hilary Drake and Steve Tindell(?) discuss the Dario Fo-Franca Rame Theatre Project at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, with reference to the plays Can’t Pay Won’t Pay, Klaxon, and I Don’t Move I Don’t Scream. Joseph Seelig talks about the London International Mime Festival of which he is director. Carol Allen speaks to John Castle, who is appearing in Lou Stein’s adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels. Actress Barbara Murray is appearing in Little Lies and she talks about her career. Dance duo Angela D’Valda Sirico and Steve Sirico, appearing in Wayne Sleep’s show Dash, talk about their careers. Tara Jeffries(?) talks to actress Erin Donovan about appearing in the pantomime Babes in the Wood. The programme concludes with the (pre-recorded?) song Candle in the Wind, from the play Marilyn (sung by Elton John).
Elton John; Carol Allen; Sue Jameson; Kelvin O’Shea; Pat Adams; Hilary Drake; Steve Tindell(?); Joseph Seelig; John Castle; Barbara Murray; Angela D’Valda Sirico; Steve Sirico; Tara Jeffries(?); Erin Donovan
Theatre; London; Playwrights; Drama; Children (age group); Arts; Festivals; Hammersmith; Art galleries; Tate Gallery; Dario Fo; Franca Rame; Lou Stein; Wayne Sleep; Candle in the Wind; Looking into Space; Dario Fo-Franca Rame Theatre Project; Riverside Studios; Can’t Pay Won’t Pay; Klaxon; I Don’t Move I Don’t Scream; London International Mime Festival; Gulliver’s Travels; Little Lies; D’Valda and Sirico; Babes in the Wood

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