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Leon Brittan guests on talk show

Leon Brittan guests on talk show
Interview; News bulletin; Talk show; Phone-in; Advertisement
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11 Aug 1980
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Vivian White presents a phone-in programme discussing left-handedness; the government proposal to legalise CB radios; letter from David Steel, Liberal Party leader offering a coalition with the Labour Party; and looks over the headlines. Then Home Office minister Leon Brittan talks about the increase in civil defence spending, and its use in event of a nuclear war- public phone in to him. Includes news bulletins; weather; racing tips from Andrew Gidley; adverts.
Vivian White; Leon Brittan; Andrew Gidley
USA; Politics; Labour Party; Afghanistan; Liberal Party; USSR; Military affairs; David Owen; Political parties; David Steel; Shirley Williams; Defence; Children (age group); Councils; Children (family); Weapons; Nuclear weapons; Defence policy; Public expenditure; Citizens Band radio; Civil defence; Nuclear warfare; Government spending; Radio; Allocation of frequencies; Scientific research; Political coalitions; Political leaders; Warning devices; Communication; Behaviour; Sewing; Bill Rodgers; Air raid shelters; Lateral dominance; Marianne Saunders(?)

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