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Shah of Iran to leave the USA

Shah of Iran to leave the USA
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Reporter Andrew Manderstam reports on the Shah of Iran’s indecision as to where he should go after being told to leave the United States by President Carter. The Mexican Government has stated they do not want him in their country. An unidentified spokesman for the Shah says the Shah does not know when he will leave, and that he is requesting the President’s help to do so. US State Department chief spokesman Hodding Carter III says there is no pressure for him to leave, and that he is not happy with the Mexican Government’s decision. The United Nations Security Council will meet in emergency session to debate the Iranian situation.
Andrew Manderstam; Hodding Carter III
USA; Iran; Egypt; Exiles; International relations; Jimmy Carter; Mohammad Reza Pahlavi; Anwar Sadat; Mexico; Iranian revolution (1979); Washington DC; Ruhollah Khomeini; UN Security Council; Rulers

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