London Today - Dunblane massacre

London Today - Dunblane massacre
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14 Mar 1996
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London Today on News 97.3. Programme focusing largely on yesterday’s shooting at Dunblane Primary School, Scotland, in which 16 children and one adult were shot dead by Tom Hamilton before he took his own life. 11 children and two adults remain in hospital. Includes part of a press conference in which the names of the dead are read out. Also interviews with the Reverend Tuleaney(?), chaplain of the other primary school in Dunblane; Nigel de Gruchy, NASUWT head; Chris Bailey, Scout Association; David Hart, National Association of Head Teachers; Michael Marland, Headmaster of North Westminster Community College; Roger Stubbs, Chairman of MORI Finance; Superintendent Louis Munn, Strathclyde Police; Colin Loudom(?), who knew Tom Hamilton; Mike Ransom(?), Social Services Director of the Central Regional Council of Scotland; David Trimble on loyalist paramilitaries in Northern Ireland; CSA spokesperson, Chris Simmonds(?); Liberal Democrat social security spokesperson, Liz Lynne; Wimbledon footballer Dean Holdsworth; the Reverend Barry Dunsmore; Michele Elliott, Kidscape; Martyn Day, solicitor; Rob Hartnett, Coral bookmakers. Reporters and newsreaders include Martin Young?; Jonathan Staples; Graham Leach; Jill(?) Crone(?); Richard ?; Justine Buchanan; Claire(?) Cox; Rupert Bell; Paul Maurice. Other news items on the Child Support Agency; US President Bill Clinton’s forthcoming visit to Israel; arrest of suspected terrorist Mustapha Boutarfa; US smokers’ case against tobacco company Liggett. Also sport, traffic and weather news, commercial breaks and trailers. Ends with the beginning of Frank Bough’s introduction to his Morning programme, he comments on the Dunblane killings.
Paul Maurice; David Hart; Nigel de Gruchy; Frank Bough; Graham Leach; Jonathan Staples; David Trimble; Rupert Bell; Liz Lynne; Dean Holdsworth; Justine Buchanan; Roger Stubbs; Reverend Tuleaney(?); Richard ?; Claire(?) Cox; Michael Marland; Louis Munn; Colin Loudom(?); Rob Hartnett; Chris Simmonds(?); Barry Dunsmore; Michele Elliott; Martin Young?; Martyn Day; Chris Bailey (Scout Association); Mike Ransom(?); Jill(?) Crone(?)
USA; Deaths; Suicide; Israel; Transport; Sport; Weather; Traffic; Terrorism; Smoking; Scotland; Terrorists; Business; International relations; Homicide; Children (age group); Schools; State visits; Presidents; Guns; Tobacco industry; Bill Clinton; Arrests; Dunblane Primary School; Dunblane; CSA; Dunblane massacre (1996); Tom Hamilton; William Reid; Mustapha Boutarfa; Wimbledon Football Club; Liggett; Stchoolchildren

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