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London today

London today
News report; Interview; Vox pop; News bulletin; Advertisement; Trailer
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London Today programme with news read by Jonathan Staples and Martin Young in the studio. Main story is Dunblane massacre by Thomas Hamilton. Includes outside broadcast at Dunblane with Graham Leach and Ed Fraser(?) reporting; vox pop with Hamilton’s neighbours and local residents; reaction from Tony Blair and local MP Michael Forsyth and short clips from others; comparison to Hungerford massacre with John Smith of Berkshire County Council on how they set up a counselling service. Also Malcolm Brown interviewing William Reid, CSA Ombudsman and interview with Alan Wood of the Tidy Britain Campaign on statistics on clean streets. Includes commercials, weather, travel news with Jill(?) Crone(?), financial news with Emma Brodie(?), sports news with Guy Swindells reporting on football and Rupert Bell on racing. Ends with LBC trailer.
Alan Wood; John Smith; Tony Blair; Martin Young; William Reid; Graham Leach; Jonathan Staples; Rupert Bell; Malcolm Brown; Michael Forsyth; Guy Swindells; Emma Brodie(?); Jill(?) Crone(?); Ed Fraser(?)
Deaths; Suicide; Sport; Scotland; Homicide; Statistics; Children (family); Schools; Counselling; Guns; Schoolchildren; Dunblane; CSA; Thomas Hamilton; Tidy Britain Campaign; Dunblane massacre (1996)

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