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The best of First Edition

The best of First Edition
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Clips from Tricia Ingrams First Edition programme, on London Newstalk between 7pm and 10pm each weekday evening. Guests are Barry Davies, a former SAS operative on his role, the Mogadishu hijacking in which the SAS successfully liberated an aircraft full of passengers and his new book, Going Hostile. Unidentified woman on the range of honey now available and its uses. Anthropologist Richard Leakey on challenges facing East Africa including ivory trade, tourism and economic factors. Will Self on new book, Grey Area and other Stories, his upbringing, parents and love for performance. Breaks in recording.
Tricia Ingrams; Richard Leakey; Barry Davies; Will Self
Books; Authors; Deaths; Armed forces; War; Economics; Terrorism; Military personnel; Endangered species; Hostages; Tourism; Special forces; Africa; SAS; Wildlife conservation; Mogadishu; Barry Davies; Going Hostile; Honey; Grey Area; Will Self

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