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Brian Hayes programme

Brian Hayes programme
Interview; News bulletin; Phone-in; Advertisement
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Jun 1979
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Brain Hayes Programme. Brian Hayes talks about the case of Alger Hiss, which originated with hearings on the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1948. Hiss was accused by Whittaker Chambers of being a communist spy. He was actually not convicted of spying but on two counts of perjury in 1950. Hayes interviews journalist Roland Perry about the case. Hayes then interviews Alger Hiss, who talks about the testimony he gave to the Committee and how he was convicted for the offence he never committed. Hiss then takes calls from listeners. Also includes commercial breaks, news bulletins and weather reports.
Brian Hayes; Alger Hiss; Roland Perry
USA; Politics; Fraud; Jimmy Carter; Espionage; Alger Hiss; Legal systems; Trials; Richard Nixon; Presidents; Communism; Conviction; Committees; Guy Burgess; Donald Maclean; Kim Philby; Justice; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Harry S. Truman; Whittaker Chambers; J. Edgar Hoover; John Davis; William Buckley; Leslie Wilsdon; Harry Dexter White; J. Peters; Roland Perry; Eastman Kodak

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