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Political review of the year

Political review of the year
News report; Interview; Documentary; Press conference; Speech; Discussion; Parliamentary debate
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28 Dec 1995
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Political review of the year, 1995. In 4 parts with breaks in recording. Part 1: report by Max Cotton on the challenge to UK Prime Minister, John Major as leader of the Conservative Party by John Redwood. Part 2: report by Ed Boyle on sleaze and political scandals, particularly in the Conservative Party, and the birth of New Labour as a political force. Part 3: report by Max Cotton on the Northern Ireland peace process, war in Yugoslavia and European union; also contains Parliamentary tribute to former Prime Minister Harold Wilson. Part 4: humourous moments in 1995 with discussion involving political correspondents Max Cotton, Ed Boyle and Mark Demery. Reporters and presenters include: Max Cotton, Robert Allen, Peter Deeley, Ed Boyle, David Frost (not heard in clip), Mark Demery. Speakers include: former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; Lord Nolan (Michael Nolan); US President Bill Clinton; Catherine Hamill, schoolchild; Betty Boothroyd, Speaker; Queen Elizabeth II; Princess Diana, Princess of Wales. MPs: Tony Blair, John Major, David Winnick, Michael Heseltine, Gillian Shephard, Teddy Taylor, Teresa Gorman, David Steel, Jeremy Hanley, John Redwood, Marcus Fox, Andrew Rowe, Roy Hattersley, Robin Cook, Jonathan Aitken, Jack Cunningham, Robert Hughes, Jerry Wiggin, Alan Howarth, Norman Lamont, Douglas Hurd, Gerald Kaufman, Tony Benn, John Taylor, Paddy Ashdown, Malcolm Rifkind, David Trimble, Gerry Adams, Donald Dewar, Gordon Brown, Michael Fabricant, Tony Banks, Dennis Skinner. Broadcast on News 97.3. Female presenter not identified.
Margaret Thatcher; David Steel; Norman Lamont; Michael Heseltine; Roy Hattersley; Tony Benn; Queen Elizabeth II; Malcolm Rifkind; Robin Cook; Dennis Skinner; Gerald Kaufman; Teddy Taylor; Douglas Hurd; Betty Boothroyd; John Major; John Redwood; Gerry Adams; Marcus Fox; Jack Cunningham; Paddy Ashdown; Tony Banks; Tony Blair; Jeremy Hanley; Jonathan Aitken; Peter Deeley; Donald Dewar; John Taylor; BBC; David Frost; Ed Boyle; Robert Allen; Max Cotton; Mark Demery; Bill Clinton; Gordon Brown; Princess of Wales; Princess Diana; Gillian Shephard; Teresa Gorman; Michael Nolan; Jerry Wiggin; David Trimble; Alan Howarth; Robert Hughes?; David Winnick; Andrew Rowe; Michael Fabricant; Catherine Hamill; News 97.3; Robert Gurth Hughes?
Politics; Internal politics; Labour Party; Harold Wilson; Northern Ireland; Parliament; UK; Great Britain; Ethnic conflicts; Conservative Party; European union; Political leadership; Political parties; House of Commons; Parliamentary debates; Prime ministers; Political corruption; Peacebuilding; Europe; Party politics; Liberal Democrats; Wars (events); John Redwood; John Major; EU; Yugoslav War (1991-1995); Political scandals

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