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Richard Littlejohn show

Richard Littlejohn show
Interview; News bulletin; Music; Advertisement; Jingle; Trailer
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6 Oct 1993
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Chris Mann (sitting in for Richard Littlejohn on his LBC Newstalk 97.3 show) interviews American musician and composer Marvin Hamlisch, prior to the London premiere at the Barbican of his new work, The Anatomy of Peace. Includes a musical excerpt. Followed by an interview with BBC foreign correspondent John Simpson about his new book, In the Forests of the Night: Encounters in Peru with Drug-running, Terrorism and Military Oppression. Includes news bulletin (with Jonathan Staples; Phil Edwards; Kelly Layman; Paul Boateng; Danny Bowers); financial news; sports news; travel news (with Pippa Sparks); jingles; advertisements (with Penelope Keith; Willie Rushton; Windsor Davies). Ends abruptly.
Paul Boateng; Phil Edwards; Chris Mann; Willie Rushton; Penelope Keith; Danny Bowers; Jonathan Staples; John Simpson; Windsor Davies; Marvin Hamlisch; LBC Newstalk 97.3; Kelly Layman; Pippa Sparks
Books; London; Armed forces; Terrorism; Writers; Drug traffic; Political systems; Illegal drugs; Broadcasters; Musical performances; Journalists; Military law; Composers; Barbican; Peru; Marvin Hamlisch; Musical composition; The Anatomy of Peace; John Simpson; In the Forests of the Night: Encounters in Peru with Terrori; Nonfiction

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