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Brian Hayes show

Brian Hayes show
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25 Jun 1978
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Brian Hayes interviews David Irving, whose controversial book, Hitler’s War, claims there is no documentary evidence linking Hitler personally with the mass extermination of the Jews. They discuss Irving’s crusade to redress the balance of opinion on Adolf Hitler, and Irving’s recently-published book covering the journey to war, The War Path, which questions whether the British Empire’s interests were ever endangered and whether Britain should have entered World War II. On Hitler’s War, Irving claims that whilst Hitler was constitutionally responsible for concentration camps, this aspect of Nazi rule was left to his henchmen, notably Himmler, and it is difficult to prove that Hitler was aware of what was going on.
Brian Hayes; David Irving
Books; Authors; Genocide; Concentration camps; Holocaust; Adolf Hitler; Historians; David Irving; Second World War; Heinrich Himmler; The War Path; Hitler’s War

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