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Members’ interests

Members’ interests
Interview; Speech; Talk show
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30 Apr 1995
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Members’ Interests, presented by Graham Leach, with Sir Norman Fowler, Andrew Gifford, David Hencke and Harry Cohen MP. Norman Fowler talks about how much of a meltdown he is expecting for the local elections, whether voters’ opinions of the Government are already too low, how popular John Major is, whether the Conservatives have alienated Middle England, his years as a journalist, why he left the Cabinet, his views on Margaret Thatcher and what he thinks of the present party. Andrew Gifford and David Hencke talk about political lobbyists. They speak about the role of the lobbyists, who they are, what they do, what the rules behind them are, how much they charge, and the effect they have on British politics. Harry Cohen presents his audio diary of a day in his life. He talks about how he mixes his private and public life, his support of public ownership, and how he carries out his work for his constituency.
Norman Fowler; Graham Leach; Andrew Gifford; David Hencke; Harry Cohen
Politics; Government; Margaret Thatcher; Public opinion; Conservative Party; Members of Parliament; Political corruption; Politicians; Norman Fowler; John Major; Cabinet (politics); Political pressure groups

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