Hayes on Sunday

Hayes on Sunday
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19 Mar 1978
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Hayes on Sunday with guests Chris Dunkley of the Financial Times, chef Robert Carrier, Labour MP, Robin Cook and Conservative MP Winston Churchill. Cook and Churchill talk about defence. They discuss the level of threat to the country, the amount of money being spent on defence, the rise of the Soviet Union, whether the defence programme has damaged British national security, the number of men under arms, the increase in spending that was announced, and the development of the Soviet missiles. Robert Carrier talks about Easter recipes. Chris Dunkley talks about the BAFTA awards and its jury system. Programme closes with music from John Williams’s score for the film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
Brian Hayes; Robin Cook; Chris Dunkley; Robert Carrier; Winston Churchill (b. 1940)
Awards; Defence; Films; Defence policy; Cuisine; Easter; John Williams; BAFTA; Composers; Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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