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When pirates ruled the waves

When pirates ruled the waves
Interview; Documentary; Music; Advertisement; Jingle
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14 Aug 1992
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When Pirates Ruled the Waves. Documentary on the history of pirate radio (updated version) on the 25th anniversary of the passing of the Marine Offences Bill. Written, presented and produced by Paul Rowley. The pirate ships and forts which provided round-the-clock pop from 1964-67, reaction of the establishment, selling power of radio, first non-BBC news, their downfall and significance in development of independent radio. Includes rare archive recordings of Caroline South, Caroline North, London, Atlanta, Scotland, England, 270, 390, City, Essex, King, Sutch, Invicta and Britain Radio. Interviewed are: Ronan O’Rahilly, the founder of Caroline; presenter Simon Dee; Kenny Everett; Johnnie Walker; Tony Benn; Roger Gale MP and DJ; Screaming Lord (David) Sutch; Terry Bate(?), advertising sales; Ray Terrett, DJ. Broadcast extracts include Tony Blackburn, Roger Day, Paul Burnett, Tom Lodge, Dave Cash, Ted Albeury, Tommy Shields and The Beatles; also advertisements and jingles.
Tony Benn; Roger Gale; Paul Rowley; Radio City; David Sutch; Ronan O’Rahilly; Simon Dee; Tom Lodge; Ted Albeury; Tommy Shields; Kenny Everett; Johnnie Walker; Terry Bate(?); Tony Blackburn; Roger Day; Paul Burnett; Dave Cash; Essex Radio; Invicta Radio; Radio Caroline; Britain Radio; Radio London; King Radio; Radio Sutch; Radio Atlanta; Radio Scotland; Ray Terrett
Radio Caroline; Piracy; Radio stations; Popular music; Radio programmes; Commercial radio; Reg Calvert; Broadcasting industry; The Beatles; Anniversaries; Marine Broadcasting Offences Act; Broadcasting legislation

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